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Yoga Wochenende mit Manel

Wir freuen uns sehr, einen besonderen 'Gast' bei uns in der YogaKula begrüßen zu dürfen: Manel Rodrigues, der jedes Jahr bei uns Workshops anbietet, kehrt im Oktober für ein Gastspiel zurück und hat zwei Klassen bzw. Workshops für euch im Gepäck!



Freitag, den 04.10.2019, 20.00 – 22.00 Uhr – A small step for Ganesha, a big step for a Yogi

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This workshop will be based in the myths and stories of Ganesha. Manel will create in this class a Ganesha Namaskar (salutation) together with all the symbols and knowledge that will make us understand  Ganesha better. Also understand that Ganesha is inside every person, it is our ability to remove our obstacles and therefore we will use some practical examples in how to build this energy, as well as meditation, Mudra and Asana


Samstag, den 05.10.2019, 10.00 – 12.30 Uhr –The power of transitions


This class will focus on transitions from pose to pose. When we go slow and pay attention to transitioning and all the subtitles in every part of the movement we create an unbelievable strength in the body. We will also explore very accessible ways to start to work on harder transitions and making then possible in our practice. 

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Manel Rodrigues

is an international yoga teacher in Europe and beyond. From Portugal, Manel grew up near the ocean with a deep love of surfing and being in nature. He studied at the American international School of Lisbon and at the end of high school, Manel moved to San Diego, CA where he initiated his training in both yoga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with fierce dedication. Manel lives with a great love for life and enthusiasm for anything that makes life more auspicious. Authenticity is one of his visions thru yoga and community. Manel has studied with many teachers such as Michael Fukumura, Sianna Sherman, Jonh Friend, Jason Nemer that certified Manel as an AcroYoga teacher, and many other along the way in different styles and methods. Manel is also Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Sergio Vita, Icon Jiu Jitsu team, Portugal. He teaches with clarity and a overall intelligent approach to movement.

Preis Freitag Abend: 30 €
Preis Samstag Vormittag: 35 €
Wochenende: 60 €

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